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I would and have recommended this program.
  I have to say the memory that sticks with me is, in all the miles we floated through an absolute beauty of nothingness, was coming around a turn, sheer rock wall on one side and a store with a small golf course and a lady feeding a calf with a giant milk bottle on the other. People so nice that ya just can't forget it all.


As for the over all experience?
To show up an unknown, to everyone, not knowing a thing about what do or what to say? I've never met in my life a more welcoming group of individuals. It all came together. It was truly amazing. Will I go back? When it's warmer.

Lance Larrson

The Smith River trip was amazing. It was incredible to spend 4 days floating down a river in the heart of the Montana backcountry with fellow veterans.

I’d absolutely recommend this trip to people and I already have. The knowledge, hard work and dedication that Luke, Scott and Joe have for MVP trips is evident in how flawless the trip went.


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