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  What is a "Pig Egg"?  


The term “Pig Egg” comes from the Marine Corps Scout Sniper Community. Generally, a Pig Egg is a 30 to 50 pound sandbag or rock carried by the Marine who is attempting to become a Scout Sniper. The Pig Egg’s only purpose is to incur pain and teach the Marine suffering. From the Pig Egg’s lessons comes the Marine Scout Snipers' understanding of resilience.


The Montana Vet Program’s Pig Egg is 75lbs. and is full of the 7,054 Dog-Tags from the men and women who honorably gave their lives serving in Iraq, and Afghanistan. MVP’s Pig Egg accompanies the Veteran Team Leaders and the Veteran participates on all hikes or floats. 


The KBOC’s Pig Eggs are also 75 pounds and full of sand. During the team event, 5 man teams collectively carry their Pig Egg through the entire course and over all obstacles. The teams are told to think of their Pig Egg as the sixth man of their team.

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