If you know of any reunions, or special events coming up that would like to take part in a Therepeutic Adventure Trip, please reach out directly as we try to accommodate those groups.


MVP Excutive Director Luke Urick

Luke Urick

Executive Director

Resilient, Evolving, Kind-Hearted, Monstrous, Laughable, Spiritual, Different.

MVP Operations Coordinator Scott Moss

Scott Moss

Operations Coordinator & Team Leader

Ami, Dogs, Focused, Maps, Snickers, Sarcastic, Stubborn.


Joe Miller

Team Leader

Loyal, Adventurous, Humble, Outgoing, Resourceful, Ambitious, Resilient.


Smith River

It is always a great time on the Smith River! From Vietnam Vets to Operation Iraqi Freedom, fun was had by all.

VLTAT 18-1

18-1 was a mid spring float trip we did on the Missouri River from Judith Landing to James Kipp Landing near the Fred Robinson bridge. This is a section of the Missouri we have not explored until 2018 and it was worth the effort getting there. this is very remote although you will come across folks doing longer floats. The flow rate was perfect, the food was great and the company was second to none.

VLTAT 18-2

VLTAT 18-2 was a 3 day trip to Our Lake right near the tail end of the fire season in 2018. We were fortunate enough to have clear skies and great temperatures to take in the amazing views and do a little fishing. This group of veterans are regulars to our trips and are some of the funniest people you could spend time with.

VLTAT 18-3

VLTAT 18-3 was another great trip back to the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. This trip has become somewhat of a staple for us. This is such a fantastic place to experience all of the backcountry Montana has to offer.

VLTAT 18-4

VLTAT 18-4 was a trip we did in conjunction with the Montana Pilot's association. With a tremendous amount of help from them we gained the ability to take a few veterans back into an area that may not have been possible otherwise. Huge thanks to MPA from all of us that got to experience the Bob Marshall Wilderness from the sky!