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Scouting Report from the Bob Marshall Wilderness

We just returned form the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Veteran hiking down a trail in the bob marshall wilderness.  trees, bushes, trail hiker, gorgeous scenery
Scott Moss Coming down the pass

Three of us hiked into the mountains for 45 hours to scout for our upcoming VLTAT. We traveled a total of 32 miles. The absence of modern distractions like screens and notifications allowed for a more profound connection with the environment and the people around. The digital detox provided a rare opportunity to be fully present in the moment. The uninterrupted hours of hiking through the Bob Marshall Wilderness provided ample time for introspection and reflection. Whether pondering life's big questions or simply appreciating the present moment, the hike offered a mental escape and a chance to gain new perspectives.

A mountain peak in the bob marshall wilderness.  trees, mountains, hiking
Highest peak we need to cross

The rugged terrain and varying elevations provided an excellent physical challenge. The hike allowed for the opportunity to push personal limits, both in endurance and strength, which left a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the journey. We were able to catch a few fish in the river. Hoot Owl restrictions are lower on the Sun River if you were worried about that. The wilderness offered numerous chances to witness wildlife in their natural habitats. From glimpses of graceful deer grazing in meadows to the excitement of spotting a majestic eagle soaring overhead, these encounters added an element of wonder and connection with nature. We did not see any Grizzly bears, and that came at a shock, since this is a well known territory for them, but it is promising that we will have a low chance of encounters on our VLTAT.

a view of the sun river in the bob marshall wilderness
Sun River

We would like to report that: The sights, sounds, and emotions experienced during the 32-mile hike in the Bob Marshall Wilderness will undoubtedly leave lasting memories. These memories serve as a reminder of the accomplishment and the incredible journey, inspiring future adventures and a continued appreciation for the great outdoors. We are excited to have our veterans join us for this trip.



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